Welcome to InTandem Publications.

Are you a writer, activist or anyone affected by social justice and/or environmental issues? Submit now to InTandem!

InTandem is relaunching in January 2018 as a platform to showcase contemporary literature. InTandem will feature emerging writers of short fiction, poetry and essays as well as interviews with writers and new translations of world literature.

InTandem started life in 2015 as a quarterly publication with each edition dealing with specific environmental or social justice issue and accepting entries in any medium. Now, in line with Tandem Collective’s vision to use the arts as a tool to bring about positive social change, InTandem will showcase literature that explores the environmental and social justice issues faced in today’s world.

InTandem Publications is part of the Tandem Collective. The Collective facilitates collaborative projects grown out of local communities that celebrate culture, foster cooperation and inspire change. We are currently working on InTandem, Ethno England and Tandem Festival. Tandem Collective is registered as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

All editions are available to read and buy online.