A huge thank you to all InTandem’s fascinating and diverse contributors since 2014. It is because of you that InTandem has taken flight!

Alice Macdonald

Alice Macdonald is an illustrator currently living in London. She grew up in Oxford and studied Illustration at Falmouth University, graduating in 2014. She works in a variety of ways, ranging from watercolour and ink to printmaking and ceramics. To see more of her work please look at her website:

Becky Ayre

Becky is an editor and occasional writer, living in Oxford, and often found with her hands in the soil or stirring a cooking pot. In past lives she has been a photographer, a curator, a teacher, a market trader, a waitress, and a bartender. All of these occupations, and all the people she has met along the way, have enriched her world, and long may they continue to do so.

Buster Simpson

Buster Simpson, an artist active since the 1970s, has worked on major infrastructure projects, site master planning, signature sculptures, museum installations, and community projects. Simpson received his MFA in 1969, and later, the Distinguished Alumni Award in Architecture and Design, at the University of Michigan.  Simpson is a recipient of numerous awards among them, NEA fellowships and the Americans for the Arts Artist of the Year Award in 2009. 

Simpson has exhibited at The New Museum, MoMA PS1, Seattle Art Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum, Capp Street Project, International Glass Museum and a recent retrospective at the Frye Art Museum. Simpson’s work is included in numerous public commissions throughout North America.  Presently he is working on commissions for the Seattle Seawall, a large landfill in San Antonio, Texas and the Willamette River Greenway in Portland, Oregon.  This year and again  in 2016 Simpson will be conducting a 5-week climate change confab at the Rauschenberg Foundation on Captiva Island, Florida.. Simpson often melds social and ecological concerns into an aesthetic, and continues to employ intervention and temporary prototypes as a way to inform his more lasting works in public.


Charlotte Payne

Charlotte is a researcher whose main focus is the use of insects as food, a topic in which the importance of soil comes up again and again, particularly as part of the nutrient cycle. She is currently working in the Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford.

Claudia Comberti

Claudia is a biologist/anthropologist and her main interests are in climate change adaptation amongst Amazonian communities. Currently writing her DPhil on this topic, she’s been spending a lot of time around tall trees and friendly forest peoples recently. When she’s not pitching her hammock and hanging out in rainforests she’s often found cycling, running and swimming in the Oxford countryside.

Clive Adams

Clive Adams started his career at Arnolfini/Bristol in the 1970s. He founded CCANW in 2006 and Dr. Daro Montag, Associate Professor of Art and Environment at Falmouth University became its co-director in 2013. Its main office is at the Innovation Centre, University of Exeter. This article is based on one which first appeared in the March/April Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

Daisy Haywood

Daisy Haywood is a postgraduate landscape architecture student in London, and writes at

Dot Tiwari

Elodie Bauguen

Elodie is French and has over four years experience in sustainability and international development advisory services. She has worked in France and in the UK, with regular field experience in sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. Her recent experience has focused on providing technical assistance to micro-finance and energy projects. She is now working in London as a Growth & Livelihoods specialist for international development programmes.

Jack Pritchard

Jack has contributed to all editions of InTandem to date! He can usually be found wandering through the wild parts of East Oxford in search of inspiration and  elderflowers. He enjoys brewing and baking, doing and making, books and bikes, and hikes and swims. He occasionally writes words and performs them in public.

Joe Hasell

Joe is a founding member of Cultivate and was a grower at their market garden. He currently lives in Naples where he is completing a Masters in Economics before starting work as a Researcher. 

John Bond

John Bond lives in Oxford. He is joint convenor of the Caux Forum for Human Security, which annually brings several hundred people to Caux in Switzerland. This conference initiates action to advance reconciliation, combat corruption and improve governance in many countries, and John works widely on these concerns, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa.

John Lewicki and Transition by Design

John is Creative Lead and Director at Transition by Design, Oxford. T/D is a cross-disciplinary design collective operating at the junction of architecture, strategic design and social change practice. Our work focuses on the transition to an equitable and convivial low-carbon society. We work best collaboratively with multiple partners and it is through this process that we believe the most relevant and creative responses are produced.

Karl Wallendszus

Karl Wallendszus is the climate change campaigner for Oxford Friends of the Earth.

Lisa Curtis

Lisa is an Oxford based artist, designer, illustrator, crafter and tea drinker. You can find her art online here: and for sale here:

Margaret Scarborough

Born on the bayou in the American South, M. Scarborough is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where she was awarded an honorary Masters in Port Meadow Dog-walking.  She’s spent several years in libraries, Levantine countries, and Berlin, Teutonia, and for the past few months has called a small Sudanese town along the Nile home.

Maria Rosaria Calabrese

Maria Rosaria is a student of Law at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

Mim Saxl

Mim Saxl is a photographer, environmental activist and mum. By day, she runs Agile-ox (, an Oxford University project working to raise awareness of and increase the usefulness and impact of the University’s environmental research, in Oxfordshire.  By night, she’s a Director of Cultivate, runs a photography business (Mim Saxl Photography), and does lots of other interesting things, including being mum to five-year-old Maya. When she’s not working, Mim does her best to spend as much time as possible on beaches, up mountains and in woods with the people she loves.

Nicholas O’Brien

Nicholas O’Brien is a sound engineer based in Europe with a 1st Class Degree in Audio Production. With experience ranging from recording in world class studios, location recording and sound designing for music/film/radio, and composing, sound is his passion and he’s always keen to share it with others. He has worked for the BBC, feature documentaries, recorded and produced albums, sound designed and composed for theatre and more. Full list of credits available here:

Fascinated by the fine line between music and sound, Nicholas formed a piano/drums duo called Bambino dell’Oro with a unique focus on intricate performances full of playfulness. In 2013, he organised a residency at the OVADA warehouse gallery in Oxford where he collaborated with visual artist Emma Lilwall.

Nicholas co-founded Tandem Festival in 2014 and continues to lead on the newly-established Tandem Collective of which InTandem Publications is a part.

Nicky Brown

Nicky Brown has spent the best part of fifty years getting up to all sorts of malarkey in Oxford. On a happy day, she may be found scribbling in Cafe Coco, over a coffee.

Oda Benedicte Forberg Almås

Oda has had a fascination with rainforests and the people living in them since she was a child. She therefore decided to study anthropology and international politics with a focus on the rights of indigenous peoples. After volunteering for indigenous organisations in Guyana and Panama she started working for the Forest Peoples Programme (based outside of Oxford). 

Peter LeFort

Peter Lefort works for the Community Action Group Project in Oxfordshire, the largest local network of environmental groups in the UK. He has set up a number of local projects using surplus food to better understand and address food poverty, including Feeding the Gaps and the Oxford Food Surplus Cafe. He is also the Volunteer Co-ordinator for Tandem Festival, and has been involved in the project since 2013. 

Phoebe Nicholson

Phoebe Nicholson is a poet and trainee lexicographer living in Oxford. She edits the Catweazle Magazine, a quarterly arts magazine currently in its second year, inspired by the performance night which takes place every Thursday at the East Oxford Community Centre, The Catweazle Club.

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca is a freelancer in sustainable food and agriculture, with a particular interest in the politics of natural resource management and role of diversity in achieving healthy, sustainable food systems. Since graduating from a MA in Agriculture & Rural Development, she has worked as a journalist, cooking skills trainer, research consultant, and volunteered with local permaculture and community food projects throughout the UK. Her (pun-filled) personal blog telling the stories behind our food can be found here:

Stefania Giordano

Stefania has lived in many countries and currently calls Oxford her home. She founded Casa Educativa in Brazil, teaches Capoeira and has recently launched a cultural exchange project that brings folk music into schools in the UK and Brazil.


Stig is an illustrator and designer who also makes bike trailers, installs solar, dabbles in home-brew and loves veggie cookery. Based in Iffley he mostly works for many little campaign groups and small charities. So he knows a bit about a wide range of the world’s biggest problems, and lives in a cosy garage.

Tamsin Bailey

Tamsin Bailey has worked as an environmental lawyer in London and Brussels, was Public Affairs Director at the Design Council and Head of Public Affairs for RSPB in Scotland. She now works as an independent writer and environmental communications consultant based in Orkney, Scotland.

The Rising Waters Confab

Thibault Valentin

Toby Pitts-Tucker

Toby enjoys doing a few drawings here and there and is especially chuffed when anyone asks him to do one (thanks Nina!) He has recently graduated in medicine from Southampton University and is looking forward to starting work as a junior doctor this July.

Uwe Brandenburg

Uwe Brandenburg holds a PhD from the University of Bristol in Globalisation Studies, an MscEcon from the University of Wales at Swansea and an M.A. in Islamic Sciences from the WWU Münster. He was for eight years Director International at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and moved to the CHE in 2006, to CHE Consult in 2007. Since 2013 he is one of two managing partners. He is mainly responsible for international projects, large research projects and services. Moreover, he is in charge of the daughter company CHE Consult Prague s.r.o. Uwe has published widely on the topic of internationalization such as the much debated article with Hans de Wit on the end of internationalization in 2011 in the Boston IHE. He headed the international research consortium which produced the Erasmus Impact Study for the European Commission in 2014 and its follow-up regional analysis published in 2016. He is currently among other projects heading the large-scale research project on the effects of internationalization on nonacademic staff financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education as well as the effects of the European Volunty Service (EVS). Uwe currently serves as an elected member of the Convocation Court of the University of Bristol and also of the General Council of the EAIE.

Victoria Rainbow

Virginia Brown

Ginny Brown has studied Persian, silversmithing and a Masters degree in World Archaeology. She now teaches Philosophy and Theology at Marlborough College. A lifelong love of India has led to much travel on the subcontinent and she recently married in Kerala to a fellow historian from Rajasthan; interests in Anthropology, Ancient History and Religion inspire her writing and help her to bring passion and excitement into her teaching.